Therapy Services

Psychotherapy is for those who feel caught in recurrent problems that limit their potential to experience happiness with their partners, families and friends, as well as success and fulfilment in their work and the normal tasks of everyday life. They may experience anxieties, inhibitions and depressions. 

INITIAL consultation 

A psychotherapy consultation provides an individual with the opportunity to take stock of his or her life and to consider treatment options in a confidential setting. There are usually two meetings which last up to an hour and a half. 


In psychotherapy, a patient attends a fifty-minute session one to three times a week. It offers a safe atmosphere, with regular sessions in which you can bring whatever is troubling you. The therapist will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, opening the way to change. Working through your difficulties can significantly improve the way you feel, think and relate, and strengthen your confidence to pursue your goals.


I will talk through with you whether psychotherapy is the right kind of therapy that will best help you with your problems. If we were agreed starting psychotherapy is the best way forward for you then session times and fees would be discussed.